Chris Walsh, State Rep. – Pleasant Street
Cesar Monzon, Selectman – Edgell Road
Jason Smith, Selectman – Ledgewood Road
Adam Blumer, Former School Committee Member
Mike Bower, Former Selectman and School Committee Chair
Greg Palmer, President, Framingham Girls Fastpitch Softball
Bryan and Nancy Blair, Mill Street
Dan and Kathleen Rao, Claudette Cir.
Perry and Sara Hamerla, Grove St.
Ken and Niza Weiss, Amy Rd.
Steve and Debbie Feldman, Berkeley Rd.
Joyce & Roger McNeil, Pleasant St.
Dana & Stephanie Tesorero, Pleasant St.
Rick & Cristina Sandza-Donovan, Millwood St.
Erica Mash, Woodmere Rd.
Bob Berman, Lanewood Ave.
Sam Mercurio, Claudette Cir.
Linda Dunbrack, Pinehill Rd.
Beth Greeley, Pleasant St.

Adam is just the sort of person I hoped would become involved in government when I supported the change to a city. Not just a new face but someone with serious listening skills, global vision and a good understanding of how technology is changing our world. We are lucky in precinct 7 to have always had dedicated and engaged political representation but I am supporting Adam because to me, he represents a critical part of Framingham's future.

Chris Walsh
Chris Walsh MA State Representative

Adam is someone that will take care of our district, as an educator both his wife and him understand what is best for our City, and as a five year Town meeting member understands how important it is to have a balance in our City landscape, born and raised in Framingham, I am 100 percent behind him to be our counselor for our district.

Cesar Monzon
Cesar Monzon Selectman

I want my City Councilor to be someone I trust and who will do their homework every time, someone who will listen to their constituents and shape smart positions on important issues by weighing multiple opinions from diverse areas. Further, I want District 3 to be represented by a strong leader, and I have no doubt that Adam Steiner is that person.

Bob Berman
Bob Berman Lanewood Ave. Resident

Adam is deeply rooted in Framingham and has the right blend of experience, smarts, and independence to help transition our town to a city. In my conversations with Adam as he began this journey, it was very clear that he is a careful listener and considers multiple perspectives before forming opinions. This is an exciting time for Framingham to have such wonderfully qualified and committed candidates such as Adam Steiner. He will absolutely represent all people in town giving an important voice to many new ideas.

Greg Palmer
Greg Palmer Framingham resident and President of Framingham Girls Fastpitch Softball

I first met Adam about six years ago when he successfully ran for Town Meeting Member. He is a strong supporter of our schools and the community. He has strong core beliefs and values, and listens well to people with different points of view. He created a Facebook page for the Framingham Community that he managed very fairly. Framingham will benefit by electing Adam Steiner as a District Councillor.

Dan Rao
Dan Rao Town Meeting Member, Precinct 4

I fully support Adam Steiner for City council in Framingham. He is independent, believes fully in our strengths as a diverse community, has the energy and education to combine negotiations in policy and vision for a better Framingham. He believes strongly in Framingham's school system and is looking forward to the challenges of continuing to grow Framingham's funding while making smart decisions for our future. I support Adam Steiner and the people in PCTS 4 and 7 are lucky to have such an independent and energetic citizen as Adam to help move the city into the 21st century and beyond.

Lloyd Kaye
Lloyd Kaye

A promise of the charter process was to bring new faces into our government -- with fresh perspective, 21st century savvy, and an eye firmly fixed to the future. Adam Steiner fits that bill for me and is my choice for District 3 City Councilor. His opponents are worthy, experienced, good men, but I believe Adam is best positioned to move this city experiment forward.

Beth Greeley
Beth Greeley Pleasant Street resident