Adam’s Vision

Framingham has a rich history that is centuries old and our vision for the future of Framingham should always begin by acknowledging that history. However, the success of the City of Framingham will depend on the ability of our community and leaders to utilize flexible thinking to adapt the lessons of the past to the challenges of the present and a vision for the future.

This flexible thinking should be applied to every initiative and every policy – and to proactive efforts at improving our city including:

  • Smart development that is nimble – we need to approach businesses proactively about potential creative uses of our spaces.
  • Strategic investment in our amazing school system and partnering with school leadership on potential community collaboration.
  • Creative solutions to the excessive tax burden on our senior citizens and small businesses.
  • Improvement and expansion of community amenities in available underused spaces with recreational equipment such as playgrounds, basketball courts, dog parks etc.

Framingham is defined by its hardworking, thoughtful, and compassionate residents, whose spirit will lead us to an even better future. Our first city government will succeed by reinforcing the bonds between us and by recognizing and supporting all members of our community, from our newest arrivals to those whose ancestors have streets, bridges, and parks named after them. We must strengthen our natural and public resources, which make Framingham a unique blend of urban, suburban, and rural. As a member of our first city council, I will take a creative and progressive approach to help make this happen!